2023 Wind target areas.

SATURDAY FEB 25th in HECTOR, MN at the Hector Community Center Downtown. Meeting was held.

BE IN THE KNOW: You {Renville county + Traverse County} are in the western zone of the transmission lines. With transmission lines comes the WIND scrapers– be educated.

It looks like they will be running a larger powerline from BIG LAKE, ie Stearns county to Granite falls area.

Also more western MN has BIG STONE (power) which looks like they may run that line up to Alexandria, ie traverse county will probably be getting hit by wind companies to connect to the grid. I am including links to help..but your PUC usually will host meetings publicly when they know more details. Best to know where these lines are going, as usually wind companies follow. Start a map of your area. Start documenting.


MISO Future transmission https://cdn.misoenergy.org/20230127%20LRTP%20Workshop%20Item%2003%20Hypothesis%20Map627634.pdf