WIND LOCKED, LLC is a membership of residents and landowners in Faribault/Martin County in Southern Minnesota, who oppose placing an industrial zone of wind turbines on productive agricultural land and around rural homesteads.  Members feel these projects are unsafe and an inappropriate use of land rights, privacy, and federal tax subsidies.  Wind Locked, LLC was organized by Landowners (farm and home) to prevent the unsafe and inappropriate siting, construction and operation of large industrial wind towers too close to rural homes and farming operations. Wind Locked members also support Eagles, Bats and Aerial Applicators in this airspace. See more about our 2018 Campaign Keep Em’ Flying

PURPOSE:  The purpose of Wind Locked LLC (the “purpose”) shall be to acquire and hold Wind Easement Rights for conservation and environmental purposes.  Wind Locked, LLC (the “Company”) will take title to Wind Easements as a way to PROTECT against the development of large Wind Turbine Generators (“WTG”) of greater than 200 feet tall used for commercial generation of electricity.  The Company does not intend to restrict private wind generators used for individual power generation.

Wind Locked LLC does NOT BUY wind Easements.  We work with others around the country to see if protecting your wind rights can happen in your State. Some States have the WIND and LAND Rights together, ie SD. Others, like MN have them separate. With the Wind Rights separate Wind Turbine companies do not need to pay the landowner as much money, win for them.  Win for others is that you can create an LLC and HOLD these wind rights separate from the land to protect them from Industrial Wind companies; as they need wind rights. Wind Locked is a holding company and our members have shares and a vote in the say of these wind rights. Contact us to learn more.