Rural Residents and Landowners need a stronger voice. 


Panel Paper: Money Blowing Through: The Effect of Wind Development on School Finances



FACEBOOK PAGE FOR: Interstate-Informed-Citizens-Coalition-Inc-IICC

Burnside Township officials clamp down on_wind turbines!


Kevon Martis from Youtube Channel NBC25 TV interview.  Kevon Martis, the director of the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition speaks to NBC25’s Brett Dickie about the problems he sees with wind turbines.

Another Video from Kevon Martis on youtube  CLICK HERE!

BIG WIND gets spanked in Michigan National Review website.

Elected Officials (commissioners) stand to get thousands from wind deals if zoning approved.  by Tom Gantert Capcon Michigan news


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The WindAction Group is dedicated to providing information on industrial wind energy, enabling communities and government officials to make informed decisions.

www.WIND-WATCH.org  A website keeping everyone up to speed on the latest! check out an article below from Wind-watch (click on photo to read article)

Electrical Energy: Sound Scientific Solutions from John Droz  North Carolina 

Mothers Against Wind Turbines INC.